Christians are seeking and finding love online

When you say the words Christians and online, they don’t seem like they go together. Don’t worry, we feel that too. That’s how deep the persecution and wrong stereotypes are embedded in our society. Their roots are so deep that people are willing to write off members of a certain religion as people who fear technology. As people who balk at the notion of online dating. However, as soon as you stop and think about it, things start to look quite different. And when you look at the data, the whole picture changes. What emerges is a movement that numbers millions and is only growing.

What we’re talking about here are the people who declare themselves as Christians and who are joining dating sites and finding love. Let’s do a quick thought experiment. Imagine a single Christian who’s looking for a romantic partner. Let’s say that person is a single male who’s forty to fifty years old. First of all, that means that for the last quarter of the century, he witnessed the rise of the digital world and our migration into it. We also should not forget that this is a person who does a lot of things online.

Just think about how many different things you do online. From shopping to banking, everything you do is somehow connected, directly or indirectly with the Internet. So, it stands to reason that the person in question is fully aware there are dating sites that help people find romantic partners. The most popular misconception about the world of Christian online dating has to do with the issue of morality. And right away, we feel just a little bit prouder because we’re Christians and because this is the most popular misconception.

Just to make things perfectly clear, people think that Christians find the world of online dating too perverse, morally depraved, and plain old wrong. Especially compared to what’s now commonly referred to as the world of regular, face-to-face dating. Don’t you feel a little bit better because of that fact? And, again, to be perfectly clear, Christians will surely not join any of the dating platforms they feel are not in accordance with their religion. Family is at the center of Christianity and to start a family you must find a kindred spirit.

However, that quest does not entail whips, orgies, and all kinds of wicked practices. This is why most Christians stick to the big dating platforms you see ads on television. They feel a bit safer there because they’re not so outwardly perverse. When it comes to the members of those sites, well, that’s a different story. Sure, you can find a lot of people who share your common interests on these big platforms but you won’t find them in great numbers.

This is why a whole new cluster of dating platforms emerged. What we’re talking about here are the sites specifically designed for Christians. We, here at Christian Dating Experts, have our own little statistic and we would like to share it with you. The most popular Christian dating site is Christian Lifestyle. Its modern and easy-to-use design makes finding love, friendship, and support quite easy. And to get back to our lonely single Christian, it makes him feel at home. He knows that all the people on that dating website are similar to him. He knows that he can talk to them without judgment. 

And this is why it’s so easy for him to find a good Christian woman on that Christian dating site. Do you know what happens next? Well, he tells that to his friends and family. And then they see for themselves just how happy he is and just how happy she is. And then they tell that to their friends. And so the word spreads that Christian online dating is something that just works. This is just one of the sites in this huge cluster of sites, you can check out our list of Best Christian Dating Sites to find more of them. And what’s best of all, they are all free to join!

Top 3 Best Christian Dating Sites

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Christian Lifestyle

Christian Lifestyle is a great dating site for single Christians, whose advanced search and personality test help you easily determine if someone you liked at first glance is the right match for you.

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Christian Worldwide

Christian Worldwide is a wonderful place that brings together all the amazing Christian singles from every corner of the planet. Check out our review and find out why you should become a member today.

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Christian Loving

Christian Loving is one of the pillars of the Christian online dating community, offering its kind-hearted members a safe way to connect through an easy-to-use platform designed to provide the best online dating experience.

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