Is there a True Christian Dating site?

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This is probably the first question any Christian asks when he plunges into the depths of this thing we call The Internet. We’re all aware of the incredible power of this medium and also the incredible dangers that lurk beneath it. So, the question of whether is there a true Christian Dating site is a valid one and we’re going to answer it now. To put it quite bluntly, no there’s no True Christian Dating site and the reasons for this are many. We will delve into them a bit later but first, we want to offer something that Christianity teaches us all: hope.

And that hope comes in the form of a simple concept: the site is that important when it’s compared to the people who visit it. We want you know to think about two churches. One of them is this old and rather small church that’s still very much active. And the other one is this huge, brand-new church that’s still active. Are there any significant differences between the two of them? A place of worship is a place of worship and that’s God’s honest truth in all of this. The same applies to Christian Dating Sites.

It’s not about the size, design, or the popularity of the site, it’s about the people who visit it. With this being said, it’s time to delve a little deeper into this deceptively simple question we posed at the start of this article. The term true refers to a site that, simply put, does not have malicious intentions. And do not think for a second that these sites exist. This is the reason why you find yourself on our site, Christian Dating Expert. We are the ones who will review these sites on your behalf and properly vet them.

So, we can proudly say that the sites you can find on our Best Christian Dating Sites list are all great sites you can use to find like-minded Christians. They’re actually not just dating sites but whole communities that can offer you support in the time of your need. This happens exactly because people who join these sites are Christians who are always willing to help a person in need. So, you can use them not only to find love but also to find friendship.

We also might wonder if could there be such a thing as a True Christian Dating site. To answer that question we need to go back in time, before the Internet became a thing. People back then would flock to their local churches, probably from an early age. This was not just a place to worship the lord but also to meet people from all walks of life who lived near you. And from those friendly conversations first friendships were born and then possibly marriages. With the invention of the Internet, we witnessed all forms of communication move to this online world.

However, in this online world, official guidance was missing. It sounds ridiculous to think that the church would officially create a dating site for its members. This is why we feel these sites won’t get any official recognition, at least not in the foreseeable future. This means you have to rely on other resources, like our site and others, that review Christian Dating sites and recommend them. We hope this answered your question and if you have any further ones, feel free to write to us.

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