Top Picks For Online Adventist Dating

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Love comes in many forms. Still, it can be argued that there are two basic, essentially different kinds of romantic love in this world. There is the one that happens against all odds, between people who are vastly different, who do not belong together but are drawn to each other nonetheless. The impossible love that is as beautiful as it is painful. And then there is the seemingly ordinary kind of love that happens between people who like the same things, have same expectations, live by the same moral guidelines, have the same view of life, religion and other important matters.

The first kind is a perfect inspiration for books, poems and movies and it is beautiful when observed from a distance, but it is also bound to reach a tragic end, as it mostly does in these sorts of love stories. On the other hand, the second kind is one that does not often inspire artists to create works that will delight their audience, but does give meaning to the lives of the people who are blessed with it, fills their lives with harmony and joy and more often than not, lasts until the end of their days and beyond. That is because it is not based on a temporary rush and a desire to taste the forbidden fruit, but has a more spiritual nature, as it grows between people who understand its divine origin and see it as a link to the God above and something to be cherished.

If you are an Adventist seeking for this kind of unbreakable bond, but haven’t had the chance to meet someone religious, kind and lovely enough to share it with, you have come to the right place. In this text, we will explain how the wonders of the modern world can help you make your dream come true. Welcome to our guide to the amazing online places especially designed to help Adventist soul mates find each other. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The dating sites and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every online dating site. Close

What To Look For In An Adventist Christian Dating Site

Adventist dating sites all have the same noble purpose of allowing Adventist singles get to know other people of the same faith who are looking for lasting love. However, some of them are more successful in their endeavors than others. We’ve taken the time to help you recognize the major signs that you have chosen the best dating site for Adventists.

It has a large membership base. This means that you will have the chance to meet many different singles of your denomination and it is highly likely that at least some of them will suit your likings and that the one that is meant for you will be among them.

It is a pleasant and cozy place. This is highly important when it comes to dating sites of any kind, because it sets the right mood and lets you feel more relaxed, more keen on meeting new people and gives you greater courage to pursue your love interest.

It offers a lot of information about its members. Detailed profiles are highly useful when you are choosing the people you want to get it touch with. If the profile itself contains many photos, lets you know what this person likes and wants from life and allows you to find out a lot of personal information including age, gender, education, occupation, living situation and other crucial details, it will be easier for you to determine whether this person is worth your time and could potentially become your partner.

It allows you to easily search for your perfect match. If the site offers advanced tools for searching for a specific kind of people and allows you to filter them based on their interests and various personal characteristics, you can instantly find out whether there is someone who is everything you want your partner to be.

It lets you communicate with other members in several ways. Everyone’s approach to romantic interactions is different, which is why the best Adventist dating sites let you get in touch with other members in numerous ways, from sending flirts in order to let the other person be the one who starts the conversation, to instant messaging, live chat, video chat, as well as chat rooms for public discussions and making a lot of friends at the same time.

Our Recommended Websites

We know that searching for the right site can take a while, even if you know exactly what you should be looking for. That is why our experts have decided to help you. They scoured the Internet searching for the best of the best. These are the sites that made their top 5 list.

Editors Choice
Best for Meeting Adventist Singles

Adventist Online Dating Review

Adventist Online Dating homepage

Although it doesn’t boast a huge member base, as it caters to a highly specific population, the diversity of its members and a wide variety of useful features make this site one of the best options for Adventist singles who are looking for love. Finding your perfect match is made easy with the possibility of applying various criteria to your search, ranging from basic characteristics, such as age, gender and location, to those related to education, job and living situation and various interests.

As a member of Adventist Online Dating, you’ll get plenty of options for getting to know the interesting Adventist singles you find appealing. You can like someone’s profile, send a flirt or exchange private messages and enjoy long romantic talks with your love interest. If you are a fan of lively discussions with a large group of people, the site lets you join chat rooms, where Adventist singles get to talk about their day and enjoy meaningful conversations about faith, love and everything in between.

If you are looking for a comfortable place where you can meet quite a few singles who are not only wonderful people and members of your denomination, but are also highly enthusiastic about meeting someone like you, Adventist Online Dating is a great choice.

Best for Black Adventist Singles

Black Adventist Singles Review

Black Adventist Singles homepage

If you are looking for someone who is black, a firm believer in the imminent Second Advent and also wonderfully available, this is a perfect site for you, since its membership base is exclusively limited to the people who meet all of these criteria. You can also search for members who, on top of that, share your interests, have the same level of education and possess various physical attributes and other qualities you deem crucial, thanks to the advanced search. All of this means that you will find a great match in no time and that you can start dating just the kind of person you want to be with right away.

When it comes to communication options, apart from sending flirts and messages to the members you find interesting and having fun in the chat rooms, Black Adventist Singles also offers you the possibility to enjoy private video chat, which is possibly the best way to truly get to know someone before you decide to meet in person and let your romance bloom in the real world.

Best for Finding Adventist Dates

Adventist Dating Service Review

Adventist Dating Service homepage

From the moment you lay eyes on the lovely design and the photo of the beautiful couple on this site’s welcome page, you’ll have the great feeling that this is the place where you could meet the love of your life. The member base is quite large, especially for a site that is exclusively dedicated to bringing Adventist singles together, so you will have no problem finding someone you’ll really like.

The profiles of the members are highly detailed and appear right on the home page of the site, so you can get browsing as soon as you join. If you are looking for a particular kind of person, you can use the excellent search tool and apply various filters related to age, gender, ethnicity, location, interests and a lot of other important characteristics.

Once you find someone you want to get in touch with, you can send a flirt or a private email and start what can turn into a beautiful friendship or a romance of a lifetime. The site also lets you know who is currently online, so you can contact them and begin a conversation right away. If you are a people’s person and want to get to know as many lovely, like-minded people as possible, you can join chat rooms and make a lot of great friends.

Best for Chatting with Christians

Christian Chat City Review

Adventist Soulmates homepage

This Adventist dating site has a rather strong community and all the essentials you want to find in a website of this kind, plus a couple of neat perks that make the experience all the more enjoyable. It allows you to freely browse through its member base or search for a particular kind of person by applying a number of criteria. You also get to see who is online and if you lay eyes upon someone you like, you can send a flirt, exchange instant messages or enjoy the amazing video chat.

Apart from interacting privately with your potential love interests, you also get to join chat rooms and have hours upon hours of fun discussing all kinds of topics with lovely singles of your denomination. A nice additional feature at your disposal is the Little Black Book, where you can add the members you are interested in dating, which allows you to view the private photos and information others cannot see.

Finally, you get to mark profiles as “favorites” or “not interested”, so you get full control over who you communicate with on the site, which is beyond useful. That way, you can focus only on the amazing Adventist singles that you are most interested in or just that one special person that puts a smile on your face every time you talk.


Hopefully, you now possess all the information you need in order to successfully navigate the world of Adventist online dating. The sites we have chosen for you are certainly the best on the web, which is why you are only left with the task of picking the one that you like most.

Trying something new is never easy and it is completely understandable if you are having doubts and you don’t feel so sure that this is the way to go. But the truth is, you can never be sure about anything in this world, except for the fact that God loves us all and steers us ever so subtly in the right direction. You need to trust your heart and take a leap of faith.

Adventist online dating gives you an opportunity you can never get in the real world – to spend time with only the most wholehearted, true Adventists who dream about meeting someone just like you. Away from all the problems of the outside world, you get to let your love grow unbound and unburdened and savor every sweet second of your blooming romance.

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